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Purchase & Sale

The two processes are important to the economy because they facilitate the exchange of goods and services. They allow companies to optimize their resources and maximize their profits.

B2B & B2C

B2B stands for business-to-business and describes the sale of products or services from companies to companies. B2C stands for business-to-consumer and describes the sale of products or services from companies to private end consumers.

Procurement & Sourcing

Both processes are important for the success of a company. Efficient procurement can lead to cost savings and improved quality of products and services. Careful selection of suppliers can help to increase security of supply and minimize risks

Import & Export

Imports and exports are important components of world trade.

They make it possible to source goods and services from where they are produced and sell them where they are in demand.

This contributes to increasing prosperity and quality of life in the countries involved.


Distribution is an important part of the value chain. It helps ensure that products and services are available to the consumers or companies that need them.

Private label & production

In private label production, also called private label production, a manufacturer produces products according to your specifications, which you then sell under your own brand.

Lager Regale

Sell to Deutscheposten

We buy excess stock, returns and much more. Contact our team.

Kaufen von Deutsche Posten

Buy from Deutscheposten

Get an overview of our current items and offers.

DFLIFT Distribution

Sales and storage

We sell your stocks and products for you by arrangement. We also store whether over the counter

or with restrictions

Distributionslager mit hohen Regalen

Distribution via Deutscheposten

With us you have the opportunity to become a distributor of our products. We are also happy to accept further distributions.

Fragen Sie einen Experten

Wholesale - Contract Products

Production and factory goods

For large consumers at home and abroad

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